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Date: May 10, 2019   (Start Time: 8:00 AM  /  End Time: )

One of the best events of the year for the DGN staff!  The DGN Parents' Club thanks DGN teachers, administrators, and staff with a delicious dessert buffet featuring homemade and store bought desserts of every kind - the teachers are so appreciative for our efforts and it's a great day.

Homemade desserts are a huge hit, but if that doesn't fit your schedule, grab your favorite store bought dessert to share!  All food donations appreciated.

Dessert donations may be dropped off on Friday, May 10th, between 8:15 and 10:00 am at the Forest Street circle.   For questions about dropping off at another time please contact Event Chair April Marron at


Chairperson: April Marron (email:, phone: )
Gluten-free dessert
(1 filled, 6 still needed)
Regular dessert of any kind
(31 filled, 9 still needed)
Fresh Fruit Plate
(5 filled, 2 still needed)

Current Volunteers

Gluten-free dessert (1 of 7 filled)

Diane Duncan
Flour-less chocolate cake

Regular dessert of any kind (31 of 40 filled)

Mary Drobny
Melissa Nuttall
Vikki Ragnini
Lynn Zambreno
Wendy Negron
Hawaiin Salad & Banana Pudding
Cathy Goldberg
Julie Thompson
Charlene pontrelli
Jennifer Riske
Kristen Stanton
Susan Lucina
Norine Bunales
Cara Knutson
Anna Kamilis
Margaret Karam
Corey Peterson
Lemon Bars
Aimee Majchrowicz
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Heather Cerne
Heather Frank
John Ourada
lime sugar cookies or cinnamon scones (I make 'em) ask any Math Dept teacher
Tricia Tokash
Lonnie Lorenz
Beth Adamo
Peggy Tomchek
Michelle Greco
People puppy chow - Muddy Buddies
Rhonda Seelinger
Shannon Quinn
Mickie Moore
Molly Bailie
Camille Petrick

Fresh Fruit Plate (5 of 7 filled)

toni rapach
Yan Wang
Nancy Llaneta
Cathy Goldberg
Wendy Negron
Hawaiin Salad & Banana Pudding