You are volunteering for Library Volunteers-Inventory 12-3pm

Date: Dec 05, 2017   (Start Time: 12:00 pm  /  End Time: 3:00 pm)

Help take inventory of books, straighten, re-shelve books that are out of order and dust if you so choose. If you only able to work a half of a shift please indicate that accordingly. 

Chairperson: April Marron (email:, phone: )
Library Volunteers-Inventory 12-3pm
(3 filled, 1 still needed)

Current Volunteers

Library Volunteers-Inventory 12-3pm (3 of 4 filled)

Margo Rodenbostel
I’m able to begin working at 1:15
Cindy Berlin
Happy to help, just can't lift heavy boxes due to my back, but worked in the Herrock library a lot and organizing and reshelving was fine!
Rebecca Bossard